«Apple Glass» may have a special edition in honor of Steve Jobs; it will be?

Steve Jobs

Get ready for the craziest (and, I must say, most amusing) rumor of the week.

Do you know Apple’s augmented reality glasses? Yes, the guy «Apple Glass» that nobody knows exactly when it will come out. Well, apparently, when they reach the shelves of the world, they will be accompanied by a special edition – in the format of the iconic ones. Steve Jobs round glasses in person.

The information was shared in the most recent episode of The CultCast, fur leaker Jon Prosser – the one who took the recent headlines from the news Apples with accurate predictions, like the launch of the new iPhone SE and MacBook Pro 13-inch.

According to Prosser, the special edition of the glasses will be called “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” and will occupy a role similar to that of the obscene gold Apple Watch Edition on the line – that is, a product much more expensive than the rest of the family, destined to sell a few units and act more as a decoy for the new technology highlighted there.

For those who were not following, Prosser shared a series of other (supposed) information about the “Apple Glass” in the last few days: the glasses should cost from $ 500 in the United States, with support for special lenses delivered by Apple itself, and will work paired to the user’s iPhone. According to leaker, Apple may present it soon, possibly already at its next face-to-face event, and place it on the market only in end of 2021 or early 2022.

Or not…

The news about glasses “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition”, on the other hand, are much more traveled – and (at least to me) they sound like the kind of homage that Jobs himself, an eternal iconoclast, would hate.

Mark Gurman (other leaker with an impeccable track record when it comes to Apple leaks), for example, believes that all of this is fiction:

I need to say that this (along with the rest of the stories about Apple virtual reality glasses that came out last week) is complete fiction?

In another tweet, Gurman explained that there are, according to two sources, two prototypes of glasses: one that mixes augmented reality and virtual (codename N301), which is planned to be announced in 2021 (after a delay, since it was to have left in 2020) and launched in 2022; there are also glasses that focus only on augmented reality (code name N421), which should be painted only at the end of 2022 or even in 2023.

For us? As always, we can only wait, right?

via Cult of Mac