«Apple Glass» may arrive in 2021/22 costing US $ 500; more details revealed

"Apple Glass" may arrive in 2021/22 costing US $ 500;  more details revealed

Yeah, the rumors about Apple augmented reality glasses they came back with everything. Last week, an analyst brought up alleged details about the product, and the next day, the leaker Jon Prosser bet that they will be launched «in the middle of 2021».

Well, Prosser came back today with a video published on his YouTube channel – the FRONT PAGE TECH – filled with possible information about the project, starting with the official name, which he says will be «Apple Glass».

Let’s go through topics, in a very objective way:

  • The glasses are expected to start at $ 500 in the United States and, if necessary, the consumer will be able to order customized lenses according to their degree need (paying extra for that, of course).
  • All data processing of the «Apple Glass» will take place on the iPhone paired to it, just as it did with the first generation Apple Watch.
  • Apple intended to announce the product in the fourth quarter of this year, perhaps in the same keynote as the «iPhone 12» and the «Apple Watch Series 6». However, as this is a grand launch, she only intends to do this when she can hold a big event with the massive presence of the media and VIP guests.
  • If the “iPhone 12” event is postponed from September to October, as some rumors point out, it may be that the “Apple Glass” will enter this keynote as an ad of the type “One more thing”.
  • Although the “Apple Glass” may be presented later this year, the expectation is that it will not actually reach the market until the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. In other words, Prosser himself is already contradicting himself a little…

Prosser also said he had seen some prototypes of the «Apple Glass» made of plastic, but he believes that the material of the final version should change. His look would be very similar to that of ordinary glasses; the Apple idea, says the leaker, is not offering a product with a very differentiated and technological look – perhaps one of the reasons for the failure of Google Glass.

On the right side of the glasses, he continues, there is a LiDAR scanner (and only, no camera – even for privacy reasons). The team working on the project would already be collecting data from the scanner present on the iPad Pro and, of course, will do the same when the “iPhones 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max” come out, which should also be equipped with LiDAR. Prosser also cited the reading of proprietary QR codes, and soon I remembered a leak from yesterday regarding iOS 14.

The user will have information presented in the “Apple Glass” interface (internally called «Starboard») on both your lenses. Whoever is looking at the person wearing the glasses will not see anything, and apparently at least in the first generation we will not have a version with sunglasses due to difficulties in implementing this UI in painted lenses. Control would be done by touching the glasses and using hand gestures in the air.

The recharge of the “Apple Glass”, says Prosser, will be done in a stand in which you place the glasses upside down.

Enough information, huh? Excited? ?