Apple gets top score on Corporate Equality Index (again)

Apple prides itself on being a company that takes solid and concrete steps towards becoming a more inclusive and diverse environment, and this effort is reflected in the recognition of external bodies.

For a few years now, the Cupertino giant has achieved top scores in the corporate equality survey of Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and in 2019 it was no different, as reported by Fortune.

The organization, the largest in the United States dedicated to working for diversity, civil law and employment opportunities for LGBTQ + people, recently released its 2019 Corporate Equality Index. The score indicates actions taken by a particular company in favor of sexual diversity. as well as the receptivity of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (in addition to other classifications of the spectrum) by these companies.

For the 17th consecutive year, Apple achieved the top score, 100 Not surprisingly, given Tim Cook's active work on LGBTQ + causes, the company's diversity actions, and Ma's overall very positive attitude toward minorities.

The best news is that the 2019 survey had the highest number of companies with the highest HRC index: 571 companies with a score of 100 including several Apple competitors, such as Amazon, O Facebook and the Microsoft.

O Google one case goes away. He would also get top marks in the survey, but was suspended until he resolved a problem that has surrounded Google Play: so far, the company has not banned a nasty app that promises to “cure gays” (already taken from the App Store last December ). The Mountain View giant's score will be promptly returned as soon as it is taken, according to HRC.

As for Apple and all the well-rated companies, keep it up. 😃

via Cult of Mac