Apple gets permission to test 5G technology, indicating way for future iPhones

The technology 5G it is still in its infancy, but Apple is ready to put their lives in it and start to do the necessary tests so that the iPhones of the future receive the new generation of the mobile internet protocol.

As the DSLReports, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, American regulatory agency analogous to our Anatel) today granted Ma a “Experimental license” to test the technology, months after the company asks for permission with the justification that it wants to “offer engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on future operators' 5G networks”.

In other words, if we make a parallel between the prospect of an iPhone 5G with the process of human reproduction, we witness here its fundamental moment of fertilization.

Going into the specifics of the matter, Apple will be allowed to test 5G technology in the short-range and high-frequency bands or, more precisely, in the spectrum between 28GHz and 39GHz this is an interval within the range separated by the FCC last year to be distributed among technology companies. On the other hand, US operators, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, are doing their tests in much lower frequency bands and greater range, such as 600MHz and 2.5GHz. That is, at some point in the future, manufacturers and operators will have to decide on exactly where to establish this new network.

That said, it is important to note that the 5G standard is still a very distant idea that has no details defined so far, so it is not possible to say, for example, what speeds it will support or what the average time for it to start appearing in our appliances. The entry of Apple one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, I don't need to remember the move, however, it can be a good catalyst for the process to occur more quickly. Let us wait.

via AppleInsider