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Apple gets in trouble with the logo of a bike path in Germany

If you intend to launch a brand that has some resemblance to an apple, it is better to open your eyes. Better proof that Apple doesn’t even want to see anything that resembles its logo is this: Germany, the company objected to the bicycle path in an appeal filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office, as informed by the websites General-Anzeiger Bonn [Google Tradutor] and Westdeutscher Rundfunk [Google Tradutor].

Apfelroute logo

The bike path in question is called Apfelroute (something like “Apple route”) and, according to Apple, the logo above is very similar to yours because of the green leaf and a supposed “bite” on the right.

The logo was registered in 2018 for such a bike path that will open in the Rhine-Voreifel region, Germany, on May 19 – being used on uniforms, bike racks, cycling maps, lanes, signage and more. Apple also sent letters to the travel agency responsible for all this material ordering it to stop using the logo, but the truth is that, at this point in the championship, making any changes in this direction is something that weighs too much on the pocket.

In an official statement, Rhein Voreifel Touristik said: “With Apfelroute, we have a completely different product, and it is unbelievable that such a large company is attacking us.”

Apple, of course, has an obligation to defend its brand. In some cases, however, it seems that the company ends up worrying too much about some that should not be a reason for doing so. We’ll see what those responsible for the case will say.

via MacRumors