Apple finally launches repair program to fix problems on the screens of iPhones 6 Plus

A few months ago, we highlighted here on the website a serious problem involving the touch screens of iPhones 6/6 Plus. The controversy was not gigantic, but it hit a lot of people a Brazilian consumer until he won a related lawsuit against Apple Brazil and won the name of “Touch disease” ("Touch Disease").

Today, in response to this headache caused by its customers, Apple launched the Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus. The name of the repair program makes it clear that it is specifically targeted at iPhones 6 Plus only, although a priori reports appeared to also involve iPhones 6.

According to Apple, affected iPhones 6 Plus may have flickering on the screen or problems with the sensitivity of the multi-touch especially after they hit the floor multiple times. With the proviso that the screen is not broken / splintered, Apple will now repair these devices for a fee of R $ 800 in Brazil or US $ 150 in the United States. Anyone who has paid (much more) for a similar service at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center will be contacted by the company to receive a proportional refund.

Apple will begin providing this new repair service for iPhones 6 Plus from the day December 2. The worldwide program covers all devices with up to five years of life after their original purchase date.