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Apple finally confirms ECG arrival and notification of irregular heart rhythm for Brazilians

It was just a matter of time: at the end of May, we reported first hand that the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) had approved the electrocardiogram feature (ECG) to Apple Watch in Brazil – and, with him, irregular heart rate alerts.

Now, finally, Apple Brazil has confirmed that both ECG and irregular heart rate alerts will arrive for Brazilians in the iOS 13.6 and in watchOS 6.2.8. The updates are expected to be released soon for all users.


To set up the ECG, which requires an Apple Watch Series 4 or 5, open the Health app (Health) on the iPhone and, if you are not prompted to configure the app, tap the “Explore” tab, then Heart »Electrocardiogram (ECG)» Configure ECG app.

If by any chance the ECG app is not available on the Apple Watch, download it from the watch’s App Store.

ECG - Apple Watch

Once everything is set up, you can already do your first electrocardiogram: open the ECG app, support your arms on a table (or on your lap) and place your index finger (opposite the clock, of course) on the Digital Crown; wait 30 seconds. Then, the application will give you the results and you can save possible symptoms in your data from the Health platform.

You can perform the process periodically or, if you have no history of heart problems, simply when you experience an abnormal change in your heart rate or any discomfort.

Obviously, as we’ve mentioned here several times, the idea is not that the Apple Watch’s ECG replaces a professional electrocardiogram done at a clinic or hospital; the resource is a supplement that can indicate possible problems – the result of the ECG, a PDF file, can be sent to your doctor to provide information about your health.

Irregular heart rate notifications

Alerts for irregular heart rhythm, as the name implies, occasionally check the heartbeat to identify the existence of a possible irregular rhythm that may constitute a sign of atrial fibrillation (FibA).

Irregular heart rate notifications

To activate the feature, open the Health app on the iPhone, tap the “Explore” tab, then Heart »Irregular Heart Rate Notifications. After setting up irregular heart rate warnings, you can turn them on or off in the Watch app on the iPhone. To do this, open it and in the “My Clock” tab go to Heart »Irregular rhythm.

These alerts are available from the Apple Watch Series 1.

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Finally, the wait is ending. Enjoy! ?