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Apple falls below $ 1 trillion after releasing its latest financial results

Since the last historic peak recorded at Apple's shares on October 3 (when the $ AAPL closed the day for $ 232.07), shares have been floating close to the record with some chances of touching it again. But from yesterday to today, stocks have become so expensive that, for the first time since the beginning of August, Apple now worth less than $ 1 rail.

THE $ AAPL ended the day today with a sharp drop of 6.63%, now quoted at $ 207.48. As a result, Apple's market value is valued at $ 1,002 rail, but that number still needs to be updated based on the number of roles Apple currently has on the market; according to analyst Daniel Tello, the $ AAPL must now be worth at least $ 210.31 for the market cap of Apple staying above $ 1 rail.

Still, it remains the most valuable company in the world by far: Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet / Google closed this week worth $ 814.9 billion, $ 814.4 billion and $ 739.7 billion, respectively.

The reason for this deep dive today was, of course, the financial results released yesterday by Apple. As far as they were bad, far from it: the company earned US $ 62.9 billion (20% more than a year ago) and profited US $ 14.1 billion (+ 32%), that is, it continues a great phenomenon. But there were at least three things in the results that displeased Wall Street analysts:

  • Apple sold 46.9 million iPhones in the period, which represents a stagnation in units when compared to the same period in 2017. Never mind that it sold 6 iPhones * per second * in the quarter and still earned 29% more due to the increases price (US $ 37.2 billion), bad sales stagnation.
  • Perhaps due to the scenario described in the topic above, Apple announced at the financial conference that, as of its next fiscal quarter, it will no longer detail sales of iPhones, iPads and Macs by units. It is common practice in the industry as a whole, but Apple was rightly praised for this extra transparency in its financial results.
  • For the first fiscal quarter of 2019, Apple is forecasting revenue of $ 89-93 billion which, there on average ($ 91 billion, which will be a historic record for it), below what some analysts expected.

Even with all of these factors at stake, Apple's shares are also much more common after their financial results are released than the other way around. Only not so sharply, of course.

We will monitor the performance of $ AAPL in the coming weeks.