Apple fails to recover missing teen iPhone, but offers hope

Apple fails to recover missing teen iPhone, but offers hope

We already tell here the tragic history of Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, two 14-year-olds who disappeared in Florida after going fishing in June 2015. In March of this year the boys' boat was found and inside it was the iPhone 6 of Austin that was 8 months submerged in salt water. The device was sent to Apple in April to try to repair it in order to remove any information from it.

Submerged iPhone of missing boy

According to WPBF 25 affiliate of ABC News , Ma's team then had to disassemble the cell phone, clean each component and make a chemical report. Unfortunately, even though they worked “day and night” to repair it, they were unable to remove any data. Through his lawyer, Michael Pike, Blu Stephanos thanked Apple for all the "hard work" and expressed his desire to keep the iPhone as a reminder of his son, even if the device is inoperable.

But, it seems, the clash between families will return. That's because Pamela Cohen, Perry's mother, wants to continue looking for information in terms of “her son's memory”. She reported that Apple would have said it could hand over the phone to other experts in the area, who would continue to do so if families authorized it. Pamela still has hopes: “We look forward to working together with the Austin family on this transition. We will not give up on the possibility that the iPhone will be evident until all possible options have been sought. ”

(via MacRumors)