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Apple Extinguishes $ 100 Fee to Migrate Data Between Macs

At a time when the cloud stores much of your data and the Mac is becoming friendlier to less-educated users, a third-party file migration service seems less and less important. Still, Apple maintains this support option in its stores: When you buy a new Mac or put your own in repairs involving the loss of your data, Apple offers an optional file migration service for your current machine.

Until recently, in the United States, this service had a cost: $ 100. Now, as reported by the TidBITS, no more: he totally free for those buying a new Mac or repairing their own. The change was noticed after a site reader tried to hire the service when buying a new iMac.

"Starting April 2, you will not be charged data migration fees with the purchase of a new Mac or repaired data transfer," an Apple retail specialist told the site. Thus, inexperienced users can have more specialized assistance to have their files intact without having to spend a dime on it.

Here in the BrazilIt is not known that such a service has ever been charged by the two official Ma stores, so possibly nothing changes but you can of course still schedule a time on Genius for help with data migration. This is strictly necessary: ​​both Apple and ourselves have very complete tutorials on how to migrate your data on your own.

Note that this type of service offered by Apple not only includes migrating data from an old Mac to a new one, but also backing up and restoring an old iPhone to a new one, for example.

via AppleInsider