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Apple Explains That Minor Temporary “Flaws” on iPhone X Screen Are OLED Technology Features

When you start using or working with a whole new paradigm, it is normal that you have some difficulty adapting to your vicissitudes. exactly the case of apple with technology OLED: After decades working exclusively with LCD screens, the company adopted the new standard in the ninth iPhone X and so far, it has received praise for the decision mainly because it chose Samsung's praised panels instead of partnering with LG and its notoriously troublesome screens.

However, as I said above, any news also brings its share of adaptation difficulties. That's why Apple has created a special page in the support section of its website, explaining to the lucky ones that they have already managed to get their hands on the iPhone X the main differences on the screen of their devices and what they should expect with it including minor “strange” behaviors. ”, Which could be considered flaws.

For example, Ma explains that if you look at an OLED screen like the iPhone X at a slightly oblique angle, you may notice slight color and hue differences in the content displayed by the company, this is normal technology behavior. In addition, this type of panel may have temporary cases of image persistence, the infamous burn inwhen a high-contrast static element is displayed on the screen for a long time. Apple claims, however, that it has built the Super Retina HD display to be the industry's best for reducing these unwanted effects.

Finally, the company gives some tips for iPhone X owners to minimize the effects of OLED and extend the life of the dashboard. Advice includes always updating your device to the latest version of iOS, using the auto brightness feature, setting a short time for the device to turn off the idle screen, and preventing static images from being displayed on the screen for extended periods. especially at maximum brightness.

It's good to keep that in mind, after all, it's always good to take as much care as possible of your $ 7,000 device, isn't it?

via iClarified