Apple to develop 5G modems in Bangalore, India

Apple expected to manufacture iPhones top of the line in India in 2019

After several weak sales indications in the ndia, Apple should start mount iPhones top-of-the-line in the country in partnership with Foxconn.

Assembling iPhones in India is not a new subject; last June, we commented that the company started producing iPhones 6s and 6s Plus for 1, mainly to avoid import taxes and (try) to offer a more affordable device, however with another partner, the Wistron.

Foxconn currently assembles Xiaomi smartphones in India and flagships of Apple should be included in the Indian production chain in early 2019, as informed by Reuters. Also according to the report, the Taiwanese company will invest about US $ 356 million to expand its factory in India, including investments for the production of iPhones.

The millionaire investment will also create up to 25,000 new job openings, according to the Minister of the Industrial Department of Tmil Nadu, M. C. Sampath. Naturally, this situation will benefit both Foxconn and Apple, since the former will have a huge expansion in ordering devices and Ma, in turn, will increase its expressiveness in the Indian market.

Another possibility for the manufacture of iPhones in India has to do with the uncertain future of the trade war between the United States and China, which, despite the truce for the next three months, still depends on the levels of the rulers of the two powers. This means, therefore, that the iPhones produced there can be exported to other countries, such as the USA, thus bypassing the import tariffs imposed by the American government on products made in China.

THE Reuters however, it did not say which specific models of iPhones will be assembled there, describing them only as from the “iPhone X family” (possibly, all devices with Face ID). Apple has not officially commented on the issue and Foxconn said it does not talk about plans "related to current or potential customers of any of its products".

via Patently Apple