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Apple Expands US iPhones Recycling Program

In anticipation of Earth Day (Earth day), which celebrated on April 22, Apple today announced a major expansion of its iPhones recycling program in the United States.

Apple is quadrupling the number of US locations where consumers can ship iPhones that will then be shipped. Daisy, Rob able to disassemble 200 appliances (15 different models) per hour. From now on, iPhones will also be accepted for delivery to Best Buy stores in the US and the KPN chain in the Netherlands.

Daisy disassembles and selects specific components from the iPhones used in the recycling process, and only in 2018 did Apple recondition it. over 7.8 million devices, helping to reuse more than 48,000 tons of electronic waste.

O cobaltfor example, an important material in batteries. Apple ships Daisy-removed iPhones batteries back into its supply chain, which are then combined with other salvaged components to make entirely new batteries.

Recycled iPhones Materials

Apple is also using tin 100% recycled into a key component of leading logic boards from 11 different products. In addition, the aluminum alloy of the new MacBooks Air and Macs mini is made of 100% aluminum recycled as we have already highlighted in this other article.

"Advanced recycling should become an important part of the electronics supply chain, and Apple is leading a new way to help improve the industry," he said. Lisa Jackson, vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives at Apple.

“We work hard to design products that consumers can count on for a long time. When the time comes to recycle them, we hope that the convenience and benefit of our programs will encourage people to send us their old devices, ”Jackson concluded.

Material Recovery Lab

Aiming to further expand its recycling capabilities, Apple also today announced the opening of its Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas.


This is a new lab with an area of ​​840m fully dedicated to studying and discovering new recycling processes, involving not only robotics, but also machine learning.

The idea is to further improve the disassembly, selection and grinding processes of parts and components used in electronics, as well as to propose new solutions for the entire recycling industry.

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In its press release about recycling programs, Apple also revealed that today it has a chain of over 5,000 Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers all around the world.

Recently, as we reported here, Apple has launched a new method that optimizes the repair of iPhone screens and allows a much wider range of independent technical assistance to offer this service.

Still on Earth Day, a few days ago we also reported that owners of Apple Watches will once again have a challenge to complete on 4/22 to give them badges and special themed stickers.