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Apple Expands Everybody Can Program Curriculum and Will Hold Programming Workshops in its Stores

A few years ago, Apple has been dedicated to bringing programming education to children and young people of all ages: we have Swift Playgrounds, the many language introduction books and the curriculum. Everyone Can Program (Everyone Can Code), which can be used by schools, colleges and even universities to teach the language Swift to students of various age groups. For yesterday, Ma announced that the curriculum is gaining a good expansion.

The new curriculum includes even more material and resources for teachers to bring Swift language teaching into the classroom, as well as a fully updated student guide and up-to-date student materials. Swift Coding Club.

We have, for example, a new student guide based on Puzzles for students to develop new skills from content already taught, experimenting with new concepts and being accompanied by teachers with specific guides. The curriculum also incorporates guides from Everybody Can Create for students to express their learning with drawings, music, videos and photographs.

Details about the Everybody Can Program curriculum can be found on this page.

Sesses of Today at Apple

And not only that: to celebrate the Computer Science Teaching Week (which will take place December 9-15), Apple will hold a series of special sessions of the Today at Apple focused on programming language teaching and workshops Swift language. There are even some sessions scheduled at Apple VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro. You can check the schedule and register for events on this page.

The sessions focus on children and adolescents and will focus primarily on Swift's foundations and the creation of language-based digital elements; the workshops will be done with iPads that will be distributed to participants for use during class. There will also be sessions for more advanced and professional users.

Very cool, isn't it?