Apple exempted from some tariffs for new Mac Pro despite opposition from Donald Trump

Just over a month ago, Apple CEO, Tim cook, met with the American president Donald Trump to discuss, among likely dozens of subjects, the trade war between the United States and China.

As we reported, several gadgets Ma exports from China to the US are affected by White House taxes, but there is one company product they can resist: the new Mac pro. Announced earlier this year, the workstation Apple had its production migrated from the US to the Asian country which, in theory, would require it to be tariffed.

Knowing this, Apple formally asked the US government to exempt the Mac Pro from certain taxes, causing Trump to react negatively to the claim, stating that such requests would be denied and that if Apple produced the machine in the US, it would not be charged. . Despite this, the White House administration has approved 10 of Apple's 15 tax-exempt claims for Mac Pro components and some of its accessories, as reported by Apple. Bloomberg.

Accepted fee exemption requests cover the Mac Pro chassis, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and some key internal components for Mac Pro; Meanwhile, orders involving wheels and other components are still under substantive review by the US Trade Representative's Office (USTR).

Parts not exempted by the US government may be subject to the 30% tariffs that entered into force at the beginning of this month. However, Apple continues to try full tax exemption by stating that "there are no other sources to manufacture company-designed components."

Meanwhile, iPhones (as well as iPads and MacBooks) are "tax free" by the end of this year, when a new wave of tariffs (15%) comes into force. So far, Apple is "paying the duck" for taxes, but it is not known until when the company fails to pass this amount to consumers.

via Engadget

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