Apple executives would be talking to major Hollywood studios to secure exclusive content – perhaps even movies

Now and again, we are again on the old subject of Apple surrounding the Hollywood figures, like a hungry vulture, looking for some agreement that will project it to some relevance in the world of digital content providers field in which Netflix, Amazon and Hulu absolute reigns.

Today, a report by New York Post reports exactly one more of these (supposed) attempts: apparently, three Apple executives have been talking to big studios in the TV and film industry, who knows, to ensure some interesting exclusive content and see the name of Cupertino's company gain some prestige in the media segment.

Grandes blockbusters - iTunes (Movie) Store

According to the article, which cites the infamous “sources close to the subject”, Apple would be more than interested in expanding its portfolio of original and exclusive products for now, the only ones that have left or are about to leave the company are basically advertising series for existing services, such as “Carpool Karaoke” for Apple Music or “Planet of the Apps” for the App Store.

The idea is to bring more refined, artistic products that bring prestige to Apple; even movies may be in the planning.

For this task, the group of three Ma executives is one of them, the vice president of software and internet services Eddy Cue, and possibly also the head of Apple Music Jimmy Iovine would have started talking to some major Hollywood producers; the matter nominally quotes the Paramount and the Sony.

According to the source, Apple is "preparing something big" and wants to make "a transformational acquisition" not necessarily from a stadium itself, but perhaps from some well-known franchise or a contract with some big name in the industry.

Not least: while Apple roams the streets of Hollywood in search of something, Amazon has already put its CEO Jeff Bezos in the last (and gloriously confused) Oscar ceremony for producing the highly praised "Manchester Beira-Mar", and Netflix j secured a contract with Martin Scorsese to produce his project "The Irishman" with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the cast (let me repeat: Martin fucking Scorsese, Robert De fucking Niro and Al fucking Pacino).

Therefore, if Tim Cook and his team have any intention of winning a minimally honorable place in this race that he has already stated several times that he does not want to participate, it is good to move quickly, because the competitors have already taken three laps in front of him.

(via MacRumors)