Apple executives receive restricted shares equivalent to $ 10 million (for each)

Apple executives receive restricted shares equivalent to $ 10 million (for each)

The sea seems to be for fish among Apple executives. The company's restricted shares are gradually being released to some of the highest Ma scale and the numbers have started to appear.

First, millions of Tim Cook; later, we learned that the pocket of Eddy Cue he also gained a lot of weight; now SEC documents have revealed that more shares have been distributed to more company executives.

Apple executivesEveryone laughing why be? 😝

The executives received a total of 44,912 in restricted shares in 2014. After meeting the established goals, these shares are now being made available based on the current value of the AAPL. In the SEC documents, there are Eddy Cue, Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller, Jeff Williams, Dan Riccio and Bruce Sewell, each with 87,578 shares (doubled due to the company's good performance) which are equivalent to approximately $ 10 million. Of these amounts, Apple withheld 43,809 to comply with tax laws. J Luca Maestri took 10,694 shares (5,371 stayed with Ma).

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Beats marketing executive leaves the company

Omar Johnson

For others, the sea is not so much for fish. This is because, according to Fast Company, Omar Johnson (head of marketing at Beats) will no longer be at the company as of November 1.

He joined Beats in 2010 as vice president of marketing, becoming head of the department two years before Beats was acquired by Apple in 2012. For the time being, the reason for his departure has not been revealed.

Johnson is one of those responsible for the great success of the brand and many are already speculating if his exit would have to do with the purchase of the company by Apple. Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Beats and now responsible for Apple Music, made a point of praising him in an email.

Omar Johnson is one of the most talented marketing executives I've ever met and we couldn't have built Beats without him. He has my full support for his next projects.

Nothing has yet been revealed about Johnson's plans; as for Beats, whoever takes his post is the current executive vice president of marketing, Jason White. Until he undresses, Johnson continues to work on a worldwide campaign that will be launched soon.

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