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Apple executives met with AR eyeglass component suppliers at CES

By now, it shouldn't be any news to anyone that Apple is working on a augmented reality device in the secret pores of your spaceship. No one knows exactly what form it will take when (or if) it is released, but the tokens are currently concentrated in a wearable device like glasses, perhaps akin to the ill-fated Google Glass. The fact that its development (basically) a reality.

Now the Bloomberg published a report on the perspectives of augmented reality and virtual reality, talking about the devices launched in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 and reflecting on your next steps. Among the behind-the-scenes machinations brought by the subject, however, is a draw and it has, of course, to do with a certain Cupertino company.

Apple has not had official attendance at technology fairs for many years, but that doesn't mean that the company doesn't send executives and engineers to them otherwise, it is common to see Apple employees discreetly circling the exhibition booths, analyzing news, looking for promising technologies. and new suppliers. According to the report, this is exactly what happened at CES: Apple representatives met with a number of suppliers of augmented reality glasses, discussing options and prospects for partnerships.

There is no more detail on the content of these meetings, but it is known that Apple is far from the only one who organized them. Companies like Facebook, Google, Snap and Xiaomi also talked to suppliers with the same intention, while the Samsung and the LG they have gone even further and have already ordered components for prototype assembly, the report finds.

All of this, of course, only shows how augmenting reality is proving to be encouraging for companies. If Apple has achieved a good result with ARKit on its mobile devices, a fully dedicated handset technology seems a natural step to be taken in the not too distant future obviously, as long as it is well thought out, integrated into its current ecosystem and It is especially easy to use.

Is the day coming when we will use infamous Apple Glasses? That's only time to say.

via AppleInsider