Apple has an open opposition action in the US against the use of the name “iPad” by another company

Apple executive thinks of a tablet more focused on multimedia than on eBooks

Mike Abramsky, an analyst at RBC Capital, recently spoke with Eddie Cue (vice president of Internet Services at Apple), Peter Oppenheimer (CFO) and David Moody (vice president of Mac marketing), and concluded that Ma is very more focused on multimedia (music and movies) than books (eBooks) for your portable devices.

That would, of course, include an alleged iTablet, which has long been speculated as a strong competitor to the Amazon Kindle.

Apple Tablet or iTablet mockup

"After music, video content should be the next 'explosive' opportunity, but that requires resolving rights discussions with the industry, competing with subsidies and developing the right 'offer' for consumers," said Mike. “Apple TV, while still a hobby, is well positioned to benefit from an evolving market dynamic. Apple is less fascinated by the online book / newspaper market, given the industry's unattractive structure. ”

At the opportunity, Apple executives also mentioned that interest in the iPhone remains strong (even with the arrival of new competitors), that Android has a major disadvantage compared to the vertical model of Apple and reiterated that Windows 7 is a good opportunity for the company sell more Macs.

(via Fortune Brainstorm Tech)