Apple may launch iPhone with Touch ID under screen in China

Apple Executive Says On-Screen Touch ID “Never Was Option”

Among the various (and eg several in this) reviews of iPhone X that popped up from the web from yesterday to today, there is one in particular that brings more information regarding the device.

I speak of Matthew Panzarino, of TechCrunch who, in addition to showing opinions about the smartphone, published an interview with Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, in which the executive comments on the (im) possibility of a Touch ID built into iPhone X screen.

At one point in the interview where Panzarino asked about some late design changes, here's what Riccio said:

I heard some rumor that we couldn't make Touch ID work behind the glass, so we had to remove it. Once we get the first versions of Face ID and realize its potential, we know that if we could be successful, we could make the product we wanted to make possible, so it could be something we could dive into. That considering it was a better solution. And that's what we did. So we wasted no time with fingerprints behind the device, through the glass or on the sides, because if we tried these things, which would be last minute changes, they would be a distraction from what we were really trying to achieve, which was a high quality Face ID.

Touch ID concept on iPhone screen

If, on the one hand, the denial of the executive means that we will definitely not see the Touch ID embedded in the screen of the next handsets since that would not be the intention of the company “ever”, the speech sounds rather strange in light of the strong rumors we saw in past.

I mean, do you remember when the rumors started to appear? If not, I refresh your memory: they started there in May 2016 and were fanned by the great John Gruber from the blog Daring fireball, whose information is usually quite reliable; In the same conversation, he also talked about such an “infinite screen”.

From then on, several other sources corroborated both rumors, including the great Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities. They even said that Apple was "having trouble" trying to get a fingerprint sensor behind the screen and that could delay the launch of the device.

As we know, the infinite screen came to fruition (or almost) as we watched Face ID take the place of Touch ID in the device's biometric authentication system. Even after that, Kuo even said that maybe the fingerprint sensor wouldn't die completely in 2018 if the face recognition feature didn't catch on (even though, well, he changed his mind soon after).

Of course, if something is a "rumor", there is a high probability that it is a wrong bet (or even something invented); However, after so many hits from external design as well as internal components, it's hard to believe that Apple didn't even think about it, as the executive seems to say.

Anyway, what apparently came to be Face ID, which is already being tested by many people and most claim to work very well. We will also publish our impressions here on As soon as we get our hands on the new device this Friday. 😉

via MacRumors