Apple events will now also be broadcast on the TV app

Traditionally, as always before an official event, the application Apple Events (for tvOS) has been updated to get everything ready for the WWDC20 opening keynote, which will take place on Monday (6/22). But the company decided to adopt a new strategy.

With the tvOS app properly updated, when you enter it you are faced with the following message:

Apple Events on tvOS

When you click the button, you are then directed to…

Apple Events on tvOS

Yes, from now on, Apple events will be broadcast within the app Apple TV, which runs inside Apple TV – yes, a mess that only and we explain everything in this video.

Most likely on the weekend or on Monday, the day of the event, Apple will put on the air a broadcast for the event within the TV app, making things easier for those who want to follow everything closely.

In case you wanted to follow the event’s broadcast via iPhone / iPad or Mac, obviously the broadcast will also be made via the TV app.