Apple Events is ready for WWDC19; 1Password mini for macOS is redrawn

Another day and another batch of important apps from the App Store have been updated with interesting news for users.

Let's have a look at everything!

Apple Events

Apple Events app icon

Apple Events for tvOS

The app Apple Events It has been updated to continue fulfilling its unique and exclusive function: to display live Ma events for fans and stakeholders alike.

With the update, we already have in the app a new neon icon and the related comic WWDC19, with a warning that users must return to the app at 2pm (Braslia time; 10am local time) on the 3rd to attend the conference. .


1Password 7 app icon - Password Manager

The Mac version of the famous password manager has gotten some new focus on 1Password miniis the utility that lives in the macOS menu bar and assists the user in quick tasks.

We now have improved drag / drop support (drag & drop), with more applications supporting simply dragging your credentials into a login window.

Now, too, the window automatically disappears when you perform a type action.

The search has been improved and is now more like Spotlight than ever: just start typing for a specific site or account and 1Password will automatically display the most relevant result, filling the field for you.

We also have a new fill brain (filling brain) is not the service that, according to developer AgileBits, scans the web pages and detects the items you need to perform the actions requested there.

If the software detects an online shopping page, for example, it automatically suggests entering your credit card number.

1Password can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store or AgileBits website, with options for all platforms.

The service starts from $ 3 per person per month, with plans for families and businesses.

Musical Ideas

Music Ideas app icon

Remember the app Musical Ideas (Music Memos), created by Apple itself for recording music and singing sketches or instrumentation? Well, apparently Ma isn't it either: just now the company has updated the app to support cropping the latest iPhones.

This is the first application update since September 2018, and the update brings nothing but support for notch.

Well at least he's not dead, is he?


Snapchat app icon

The ghost application may have lost prestige in Brazil, but still a hit in his home country, the United States and continues to receive news.

Recently, for example, Snap games, games that can be started in the app chat with any contact for instant disputes.

Games can be played while chatting over text or audio, and Snapchat has added a tool that shows which friends you are playing with so you never get lost in matches.

In addition, the latest version of the app has a shortcut: just tap the arrow on the camera screen to access the modes. Timer, Portrait and Grid.

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