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Apple enters the ASMR wave with new videos from the “Filmed with iPhone” series

Either one: you either love it or you hate video ASMR, the new YouTube craze in which people whisper into microphones and use all kinds of sound devices to give you little chills (especially if you’re wearing headphones) and help you relax. Anyway, it is good to warn that Apple is the newest fan of the phenomenon.

Apple posted today on its YouTube channel four new videos from the series “Filmed with iPhone” – and they all revolve around, as you can imagine, ASMR. The shorts were recorded in beautiful natural landscapes or in places of, say, interesting sounds; besides the ambient sound, one of them also has a characteristically whispered narration.

In addition to the images, all sounds were also captured with iPhones. The shorts were made with iPhones XS and XS Max fur videomaker Anson Fogel and, as Apple recalls, additional equipment was used in production.

Check out the films below – preferably with headphones:

Whispers From the Ghost Forest

Unwind with the whispering legend of the Ghost Forest.

Satisfying Woodshop Sounds

Savor the rhythmic sounds of wood as it is scraped and sculpted to become a beautiful work of art.

Crunching Sounds on the Trail

Follow satisfying footprint sounds wherever the trail takes you.

A Calm Rain at Camp

Immerse yourself in the raindrops beat – without getting wet.

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So, did you enjoy it?

iPhone XS standing

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