Apple email exchange with US regulator indicates plans for two cardiac products

This week, a series of emails from United States government agencies were released to the public as part of a recent Freedom of Information Act (Freedom of Information Act) and, among them, the name of an old acquaintance of ours was detected.

Apple, according to documents found by the MobiHealthNews, has been talking to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), American medical regulation agency, and, based on the content of the conversations, we can take one thing away: Ma has in its plans two devices related to cardiac reading.

Heartbeat in iOS's Sade app

In one of the emails exchanged with the FDA, Apple through its health care attorney Robin Goldstein discusses the possibility of scheduling a meeting with the agency to talk about “two possible (and related) products in the cardiac industry, as well as the regulatory / quality requirements and systems ”.

The meeting, which had as its guests a series of renowned doctors from the cardiac area, ended up being canceled for reasons that were not clear in the exchange of emails. However, Goldstein suggested rescheduling the meeting with the intention of discussing “informally” with the FDA the possibilities for launching products in this area “so that we can learn about their processes and thinking and vice versa”, says Goldstein.

It is not yet known exactly what to get out of all this talk, but given the current level of things, it seems to me that we will still have to wait a while before seeing something official coming out of Cupertino in this regard.

(via AppleInsider)