Apple doubles production of AirPods Pro to meet high demand

As expected, the AirPods Pro just a selling success; In fact, the popularity of the company's new wireless headsets is so good that orders placed today by the American Apple Store Online will be delivered in four (!) weeks, so anyone expecting to use them in time for Christmas will have to find new ones. retail stores to purchase the new headphones.

If you are traveling in the US and would like to buy AirPods Pro (or even give them away to some), you may have more luck at the company's physical stores, as some Apple Stores still have units available for delivery. ; other outlets, however, will only receive new waves at the end of the year, even.

The high number of orders has caused the Cupertino giant to pressure its suppliers in China to increase production of the AirPods Pro. More precisely, the company has doubled its orders for 1 million units of wireless headsets per month to 2 million, according to a new report from Nikkei.

A recent study found that AirPods are high on the US wish list. THE BloombergIt even suggested that shipments of AirPods would generally double this year, thanks to a “higher than expected” demand for AirPods Pro, and today's news “proves” that.

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