Apple donates to help victims of tropical storm Michael

O hurricane Michael was demoted to tropical storm, but that did not stop the natural phenomenon from devastating northern Florida, as reported by leaf.

We are talking about the most violent storm that hit the American state in the last 80 years. According to information from the emergency services, about 500 thousand people were without electricity in the Flrida, at the Alabama and on Gergy.

Apple, as we know, does not let such events go by unnoticed, and Tim Cook tried to manifest himself in his favorite social network:

I grew up on the shores of the Gulf Coast, near Pensacola and Mobile, and this region has a special place in my heart. This has never been more true than now. For all of these communities on the road to Hurricane Michael, you are in my prayers. Please stay safe.

Apple is firm with our friends and neighbors in the Gulf Coast region and donates to recovery efforts.

Apple's actions involving humanitarian donations are not limited to the United States. She recently donated $ 1 million to humanitarian efforts in Indonesia after the country was hit by an earthquake (which, in turn, generated a devastating tsunami); on another occasion, the company also donated $ 1 million to help the victims of an earthquake in Mexico.

via Cult of Mac