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Apple donates 1,000 Watches for studies on binge eating

THE Apple continues with initiatives to place its smartwatch as the most accessible modern solution for consumers to take care of their health and well-being initiatives, incidentally, that take place on several fronts, from the advertising strategy to the company's collaboration with medical institutions in research and testing.

Today, yet another action in this latter sense was brought by CNBC: Ma donated 1,000 units of Apple Watch for the group BEGIN (Binge Eating Genetics Initiative, or Food Compulsion Initiative), a team of researchers led by professors from the University of North Carolina who are starting a major study on possible causes of food compulsion.

The studies will involve 1,000 participants aged 18 years or older who suffer from problems with eating compulsion, whether they are single or accompanied by exercise sessions or vomiting-inducing events which characterize bulimia nervosa. Each participant receives an Apple Watch and, with it, researchers will be able to monitor patients' heart patterns before and after each compulsion event, generating hypotheses and collecting data.

In addition to monitoring by experts, participants will use an app called Recovery Record; in it, it will be possible to record events, thoughts, feelings and whatever else can help researchers to combine the data collected with the patients' psychological and behavioral patterns.

The intention of the research, eventually, is to develop some type of system that foresees episodes of food compulsion before they appear and warn users beforehand, offering options for them to avoid or minimize its effects. The really great idea is here to support everything.

via MacRumors