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Apple dominates more than half of the “audible” (headphones) market

The fabulous popularity of AirPods it is already known and repeated in every corner – so much so that Apple’s wireless headphones became, in a few years of existence, icons of pop culture of the current decade. But how about converting this phenomenon into numbers?

Of course, these are great numbers: the International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released its newest research on the “Audible”, that is, devices that fall into the category of wearables (wearable) and are specifically audio players, such as headphones. And Apple won over half of the segment, with 50.2% in market share in the second quarter of 2019.

The Apple dispatched, in the period, 15.9 million devices – mostly AirPods, of course, but also Beats headphones, like the new (and popular) Powerbeats Pro; it was a 218.2% growth over the same period last year, when the Cupertino giant sold 5 million devices. According to IDC, Apple’s dominance in the segment is very important during a downturn in its flagship iPhone:

Apple led the audible market by capturing 50.2% of share in the quarter. New products, such as the second generation of AirPods and the newest models from Beats, helped the company grow 218.2% over the previous year. With iPhones at a challenging time, Apple’s wearable business – especially with the popularity of AirPods – is helping the company once again become the “standard brand” of a segment, only this time in audible.

THE Samsung, with the popularity of its subsidiary JBL, captured the second place in the survey, with 3.3 million devices shipped and 10.2% of the market. Xiaomi, Bose and ReSound (parent company of Jabra) completed the Top 5, while the “Others” category, which includes the other manufacturers in the segment, still has a considerable market share (22.3%, to be more exact).

One data unites all manufacturers in the audible segment: the frightening growth in the year-over-year comparison. Xiaomi, champion in the metric, grew no less than 715% compared to the same period in 2018; overall, the market saw a 250% jump in 365 days.

With that, we see the formation of an independent market: soon, the audible will be a separate segment, taking off from the rest of the wearable devices (which is another area in which Apple is doing very well, thank you). This is great, as more brands will be interested in the opportunity and present their own visions of devices in the area, with more options for consumers.

Well, let them all come!

AirPods with wireless charging case

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