New MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple discontinues the 2015 MacBook Pro and its printing service

The long-awaited new MacBooks Pro have finally arrived – more expensive, it is true. They bring cool differentials like the T2 chip (which gives more security and takes the “Hey there Siri” feature for the Mac for the first time), support up to 32GB of RAM (2,400MHz DDR4), True Tone Display, GPU Radeon Pro with 4GB of video memory and more.

With the new launch, two years after the introduction of the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Thunderbolt 3 ports, Apple understood that it was time to kill the 2015 model, which was still offered to customers dissatisfied with the connectivity offer the latest machines.

New MacBook Pro with Retina display

As we know, this model – in addition to offering the keyboard with the scissor mechanism – came with a MagSafe charger, Thunderbolt 2, USB-A, HDMI and slot to SD card. And as the world was not yet prepared to deal only with Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C technology in 2016, Apple decided to continue offering such a machine. Today, however, she left the scene.

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But it wasn’t just the 2015 MacBook Pro that died, no. Today, July 12, Apple also killed its printing service.

Apple printed photo book

Such a service never showed up here in Brazil, but it was offered to customers in several countries (Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan , Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland).

Cards printed by Apple

Printing of books (photos), cards and calendars is available through the macOS Photos app. In it, when creating such a project, you could easily have everything printed with Apple.

Apple print service discontinuation alert

Now, Apple announces that it will accept orders until September 30, 2018 and that, after the date, prints should be made on partner services (available through Mac App Store applications called by Apple “Project Extensions”) – to find out about such services / applications, just open the Photos app and go to Archive »Create» More…. Here are the services listed by Apple that have applications available on the Brazilian Mac App Store:

Mimeo Photos app icon

Sorry, app not found.

WhiteWall - for your photos app icon

GoodTimes - Collages app icon

According to 9to5Mac, there is no longer any reference to the print service in macOS Mojave Photos 10.14, for example.