Apple discontinues 20-inch Cinema Display

Apple discontinues 20-inch Cinema Display

Apple has just discontinued its 20-inch Cinema Display, leaving only the 30-inch HD model and the new 24-inch LED Cinema Display on the Apple Store Online (which replaced the 23-inch one).

Apple Cinema Displays on the Online Store

Although the page with the old monitors on still shows the smaller version, the company has already communicated to its distributors and resellers that the product was EOL’d, that is, it reached the state of End of Life.

The novelty raises two possibilities: on the one hand, Apple may have given up selling a model of this size; on the other hand (and more likely, in my opinion), she may be preparing for a new update on the rest of the line, following the look of the 24 ″ and offering the Mini DisplayPort as a connection.

(Via: MacRumors.)