Apple discloses the winners of the photo contest in night mode with the iPhone 11

The six images registered with the iPhone 11 Night Mode will be used in Apple campaigns around the world

THE Apple revealed on Tuesday, March 3, the winners of the photo challenge in Night Mode with the iPhone 11 (Shot on iPhone). Last month, she started a contest to evaluate images registered with the Night Mode, resource present in iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Among the thousands of records sent, the company highlighted only six. This time, no Brazilian won, but there are pictures of users from China, India, Russia and Spain. The winning images will be displayed in a gallery on the Apple, on digital platforms and in billboards around the world that I will promote the new iPhone 11.


AppleThe Night Mode Photo contest winners used the new iPhone 11, launched last year

Interestingly, the majority of the winners reside in Russia. The winners Konstantin Chalabov (@chalabov), Andrei Manuilov (@houdini_logic) and Rustam Shagimordanov (@tomrus) are Russian and used iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11, respectively.

In Europe, the Spanish winner Rubn P. Bescs (@rubenpb) registered with a iPhone 11 Pro Max. Yu Eric Zhang (@ ericube_23) also had the 11 Pro Max in Beijing, China. Already a winner in India, Mitsun Soni (@mitsun), used the iPhone 11 Pro.


Phil Schiller responsible for camera technologies at ApplePhil Schiller, responsible for camera technologies at Apple, was also one of the judges; he was a professional photographer before joining the company

Among the judges were personalities from the photography world: Malin Fezehai, Tyler Mitchell, Sarah Lee, Alexvi Li, Darren Soh, Kaiann Drance, Brooks Kraft, Jon McCormack and Arem Duplessis. Phil Schiller, who was responsible for Apple. Before joining the company, Schiller worked as a professional photographer.

The jurors were able to give a feedback for each image. On the company's website, you can find comments.

THE Apple he also informed that he will pay a license fee for each photographer in the contest.

Check out the six winning photos below

Apple Night ModePhoto by Konstantin Chalabov (Moscow, Russia), made with iPhone 11 Pro (Instagram: @chalabov)
IPhone night modePhoto by Mitsun Soni (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India), made with iPhone 11 Pro (Instagram: @mitsun)
Apple Night ModePhoto by Andrei Manuilov (Moscow, Russia), made with iPhone 11 Pro Max (Instagram: @houdini_logic)
Apple iPhone night modePhoto by Rubn P. Bescs (Pamplona, ​​Navarra, Spain), made with iPhone 11 Pro Max (Instagram: @rubenpb)
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max night modePhoto by Yu Eric Zhang (Beijing, China), made with iPhone 11 Pro Max (Weibo: ericube_23)
Apple iPhone 11 Night ModePhoto by Rustam Shagimordanov (Moscow, Russia), made with iPhone 11 (Instagram: @tomrus)

What of the images above? Comment in the field below your evaluation of the photos of the winners and the capacity of the new iPhone 11 in making night images.

Source: Apple.

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