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Apple disables FaceTime in group temporarily after serious bug

Upon discovery of a serious failure of the FaceTime By allowing users to listen and / or view other people even before a call was answered, Apple quickly turned off its servers as a temporary solution to prevent the problem from spreading.

Group FaceTime Disabled on Apple Server

As a result, it is no longer possible to add your personal phone number to a FaceTime group call, which until now seems to be the root cause of the bug. In our tests, we confirmed that FaceTime group calls are indeed unavailable; Direct calls between two people are working normally.

If this was not serious enough, a user seems to have reported the problem to Apple on January 20, as Mark Gurman Bloomberg), ie it was possible to reproduce the problem for at least nine days.

This Twitter user claims to have reported the FaceTime bug to Apple around January 20th.

My teenage son found a major security hole in Apple's new iOS. He can listen to your iPhone / iPad without your approval. I have video. Bug report submitted to @AppleSupport waiting to hear back for details. Scary stuff! #apple #bugreport @foxnews

As we report, Apple is expected to release an emergency software update later today or tomorrow to address the issue. Since this is not so trivial (multiple tests need to be done before putting up-to-date software into the hands of millions of users), she thought it was okay to remotely disable the service on her servers.

And it did, of course. The question remains: what happens when “iOS 12.1.4” comes out? Does she reactivate FaceTime in a group for everyone or can she keep it locked only for those with the vulnerable version? We'll know soon.