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Apple details what user data is stored on Russian servers

A few days ago, we commented that Apple started storing some Russian user data on local servers to align with data security laws that went into effect over the past year. However, it was not clear what information was passed on by Ma to these servers in Russia until now.

In a report sent to the government, Apple detailed that its Russian customers have data such as name, address, email and phone number stored on servers at companies such as Moscow-based IXcellerate. The company also explained that it collects this information to ?better serve its customers and send them information about new products?, as disclosed by Bloomberg.

Apparently, Apple does not collect and / or store other personal information there that are also stored in iCloud such as messages, files, photos and contacts. However, the company admitted that it stores more data about its Russian employees, including passport number (next to the place and time of issue), permanent and temporary addresses, work and income evaluation history.

In 2014, Ma went against the Russian law in question that requires data to be stored in the country for at least six months. At that time, the company stated that data localization laws "hinder in spying on espionage and the guarantee of data privacy and security". On the other hand, the CEO of Ma, Tim Cook, had already explained in an interview to VICE News Tonight that Apple must comply with such regulations.

We have servers located in different countries around the world. They are no longer easy to access data because they are in one country or another. The key question is how the encryption process works and who owns the keys, if any. In most cases, you and the recipient have the keys.

Still, data privacy activists are apprehensive about what the Russian government may still require not only from Apple, but from other companies that have customer data (like Facebook, for example) so that they can comply with such laws. and keep their activities in the country.

via CNET