Le 2, LeEco smartphone

Apple design is called “obsolete” by Chinese company CEO

Perhaps you may think that the latest iPhone announced, the SE, is not a big news as it is a combination of the latest “S” models from Apple. Despite this, we cannot deny that Apple has a great influence on the technological market precisely because of its designs and new technologies constantly presented. But, it seems, not everyone shares this thought; on the contrary, they will always appear haters people to call attention criticize it.

So it was with the CEO of LeEco, Jia Yueting, who judged Apple’s design to be “out of date” and “obsolete” for the Chinese market.

The company LeEco – which was called LeTV – is considered the “Chinese Netflix” and for some time has also been investing in hardware such as smartphones, TVs, bicycles and, now, electric cars. Even though we don’t know it well, the company is quite famous in China, worth around US $ 4.8 billion. At a meeting of the “China Entrepreneur Club” (something like “China Entrepreneurs Club”), Yueting explained why he doesn’t care about competition with Apple in the Chinese market: “We think the difference between us and Apple is very big. Apple is a cellphone company focused on hardware and software. LeShi [outro nome para LeEco] it’s focused first on the internet, then on software, and finally on hardware. ”

Referring more directly to what Apple has launched, he said: “As Apple is an industry leader, it should develop more innovative products. The iPhone was a leader five years ago, after its launch in 2008, but now it’s outdated. ” This statement is somewhat ironic if we look at the latest smartphone releases from LeEco – the Le 2, Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2 – which (amazingly) have no headphone jack. Not to mention, of course, the “originality” present in their designs.

Le 2, LeEco smartphone

As if that weren’t enough, LeEco’s CEO said that Apple is “losing its strength” in China and that both its products and ideas are out of date. He explains: “We believe that the next generation of mobile internet will be more open, more ecosystem oriented, rather than closed. Ironically, Apple’s dominance, its disregard for the internet and the closed nature of its systems, all prevent innovation in the mobile internet industry. ” When talking about the launch of the iPhone SE, he stated that “it is something that simply shouldn’t have been done” (does anyone tell him that, in the pre-sale, 3.4 million units were sold in his country?).

Jia’s controversial opinions were aired by CNBC in its first international interview, shortly after launching LeSEE, its self-driving electric car. Incorporating films, series and music for passenger entertainment, the intention is to be on an equal footing with Tesla’s Model X.

You may not remember, but this is not the first time the company has caused a stir in the media. Even when it was just LeTV – and it was about to launch its first smartphone -, it published an advertisement beyond unusual (not to say offensive) putting the Apple as a representation of Nazism. While apologizing, this move has attracted the attention of the world media and, it seems, the CEO is using a similar maneuver to get attention. On these unfounded comments, we just make ours, the words of Michael Simmons:

“Apple is out of date” says the guy wearing gray sneakers, a black long sleeve shirt and jeans.

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