Apple describes operation and design of its own tablet in yet another patent

Apple describes operation and design of its own tablet in yet another patent

Officially published last month, a new Apple patent clearly describes the operation and design of a device that could be the outline of its first tablet – since the possibility of a final product being launched following the very small patent .

Possible Mac tablet

The document entitled "Display Housing for Computing Device" (in free translation) and, although it seems related to its current monitors, is a clear example of a tablet with wireless connectivity.

From the drawings submitted in conjunction with the patent, it is possible to have an idea of ​​what it would be like to build an Apple tablet. Apparently, the product would be able to connect to the internet and display a virtual keyboard on a screen with gesture support multi-touch. Other illustrations also show details of its design, including the positioning of the company's logo on the exterior.

Apple Tablet Patent

As it is clear that the tablet would be able to access the internet and would have a virtual keyboard integrated with a screen that supports multiple finger gestures, the patent idea suggests that the new product would be based on Mac OS X, and not on a new optimized platform from Apple. Although it is still difficult to imagine its real purpose, the most recent rumors on the subject say that it would be released in the form of a “larger iPod touch”, which is supposed to be about to be produced on a large scale.

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