Apple denies blame and claims cases of burning iPhones in China are caused by “external factors”

IPhones batteries have been in a constant state of scrutiny recently due to the problem that is causing the random shutdown of some devices. Another issue related to them, however, is leaving some hair users standing on the other side of the world: a Chinese consumer service group, linked to the country's government, has received reports from eight owners of iPhones 6 whose appliances caught fire spontaneously.

iPhone 6 in China

The news did not spread worldwide, but circulated vigorously across China and, albeit on a small scale, tarnished the reliability image of Ma's flagship product in one of its most important markets. What's more, combined with the scandal of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, it has fueled the Chinese's growing suspicion of foreign devices (though almost all of them are made by them).

Perhaps that's why Apple investigated each case and quickly tried to disclaim any liability: According to the company, "external factors", as physical damage to the housing, caused the "thermal events" that ignited the unfortunate iPhones.

Apple was very quick to say at first BBC, that the issue is by no means a safety issue on the iPhones 6 (or whatever) and the batteries of their devices remain perfectly safe. Considering that one of Ma's most formidable smartphone rivals has run down over explosive batteries, you can understand how quickly the company can address the questions.

(via 9to5Mac)