Apple Delays Release of iCloud Drive Folder Sharing Feature

Apple Delays Release of iCloud Drive Folder Sharing Feature

No fanfare, Apple has postponed until next year the release of the feature that allows users share entire folders from iCloud Drive, according to your site. So far, the option was expected to debut with the macOS Catalina, which was released yesterday.

On the MacOS 10.15 resources page, Apple says iCloud Drive folder sharing will be "available in 2020". On the other hand, on the iOS 13 page, the company says the feature will arrive "soon". Presumably, Ma has not updated the iOS page stating the postponement, as the current iOS 13.2 beta does not support the function.

The unreleased news had also come to fruition in the early beta versions of iOS 13; it was removed in time for the final release of the mobile system after problems arose during testing. In trial versions of macOS Catalina, the feature was displayed by right clicking on an iCloud Drive folder, revealing a new submenu that allowed you to generate a private link from that directory, allowing you to share it via AirDrop, Messaging or with your contacts from other apps.

Folder Sharing in macOS

Currently, it is only possible to share individual files on iCloud Drive, putting Apple's cloud platform at a disadvantage when compared to rival storage services like Google Drive it's the Dropbox which have already provided folder sharing capabilities for a long time.

If you still want to use iCloud to share multiple files, you can do a little “joke”, share a compressed file with the contents you want to distribute, or alternatively create an image file using Disk Utility for sharing. it on iCloud.

via MacRumors