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Apple: delays in production chains could jeopardize the launch of the iPhone 5G

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple may be forced to delay the launch of its first 5G smartphone. According to the Japanese newspaper, the technology is facing several delays in its production lines, largely because of the constraints caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 to the supply lines.

The delays, which can be as long as eight weeks in some cases, are no longer affecting the arrival of equipment to stores because workers have been working overtime to compensate for potential losses.

In this context, Apple is considering postponing the launch of the equipment until 2021. It is known that the company has ordered the production of more economical models (iPhone XR and iPhone SE) than expected, balancing the balance with a reduction in the number of equipment with 5G technology. The changes are due, in part, to an imminent economic recession that will certainly impact the purchasing power of consumers.

The Cupertino giant believes that increasing the stock of this equipment may prevent users from being tempted to switch to Android, especially at a time when the price will be a more sensitive criterion at the time of purchase. According to analyst McKinsey, 75% of Americans have already changed their consumption habits since the beginning of the pandemic, now opting for cheaper brands.

The launch of the iPhone 5G has the potential to accelerate the adoption of technology, given that the pandemic ended up slowing down the process, particularly outside China – in the first quarter of the year, 61% of 5G smartphones were sold in that country. Analysts believe that Apple equipment will be central to accelerating the technology adoption process, since the most important markets for the brand are Europe and the American continent, responsible for 68% of the revenue generated by the company in the first three months. 2020.