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Apple defends antitrust charges before US government

Apple has been summoned to answer to the US Chamber's Judiciary Committee about its practices that circumvent antitrust law, designed to punish companies with anticompetitive practices. In the testimony, the company explained several of its market practices, such as why it does not allow uninstalling the Safari browser, access to repair parts of their gadgets and others. All questions asked by the US government answered by Apple have been made public and can be accessed through this address.

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One of Apple's practices that raises questions about centralizing the repair of its gadgets, only its own trained personnel can provide maintenance by restricting access to parts and technical knowledge of product repair. Asking why this happens, the government asks if this is not just a way for Apple to elbow its competition and extend its monopoly to the repair market.

In response, the company explains that its goal is to provide a safe and reliable repair to its customers, whether done by Apple or a company-trained licensee. According to her, the products manufactured follow a high-tech design and require high knowledge to be repaired, any mistake can cause overheating or other problem and end up injuring the owner.

Another question asked in clear pressure questions how to uninstall the Safari browser and requires a description of how to do this. Apple responds that this is not possible because it is an essential part of iPhone functionality and that it does not prevent users from downloading other browsers from the App Store. Also according to the company, the browser is one of the few applications that can not be removed because it is integrated directly into the core of the operating system.

Other questions that place the apple company against the wall can be found in the document published by the United States government at this address.

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