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Apple declared war on Google Maps

The more things change, the more similar they get.

Even after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple continues to wage a crusade against infidels: Google. Android remains the biggest threat to Apple's iPhone, the one that set out to erase the existence of Android. But because they don't avoid their users searching Google, Apple is trying a new strategy: Ban Google Maps.

Currently, Google Maps comes pre installed on iPhones, and is simply called Maps. Apple simply hates that Google makes money from location searches made on Maps, so rumors indicate that they are developing their own alternative. The new map app, which will likely be featured at WWDC, will replace the Google app with OpenStreetMap. But make no mistake, not just any more news about Google's eternal rivalry. Apple, but the promise of a location app that will surpass Google Maps.Application is apparently focused on developing a 3D system as opposed to Google Maps, which will be much cleaner and faster, a more enjoyable and reliable experience, according to the words of Mark Gurman for the blog 9to5 Macs. The Maps application includes C3 technology to create very high quality and detailed 3D maps, the same military technology used to lock missile targets. It's the result? Users will be able to fly over cities with very high quality 3D images, and even zoom in with the same quality and detail.

If these rumors are right and they seem to be, especially after the news that Apple bought the C3 patent has run the internet Google will have a big competitor ahead. That would be another extra feature besides Siri, which eventually led Apple to break its sales records with the iPhone 4s. In addition to being unique to them.

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