Apple data center in Denmark would be threatened after construction interruption

Apple data center in Denmark would be threatened after construction interruption

Anyone who follows Apple’s steps more closely will probably remember the announcement, made in 2015, of two new data centers company (one in Ireland and the other in Denmark), representing a total investment of around £ 1.7 billion (around R $ 8.6 billion).

In the middle of last year, the plan was radically changed when construction on Irish territory was definitively canceled due to judicial imbroglios. Now, the Danish project seems to be on a tightrope, too.

The local TV Midt-Vest reported today that building the data center, located in the small village of Foulum (in the municipality of Viborg), was interrupted and workers did not receive guidance on when to return to the site. According to the journalists’ description, the land is “lifeless” – there is no movement in the place, be it workers or Apple representatives.

The problems apparently had to do with the contractor hired by Apple – an Irish company called Exyte. Sources suggested to TV that Apple would have terminated the contract with the firm after repeated delays: the deadline for completion of a stage of the project would have been set for last September and later rescheduled for the current month, but in neither case would construction company managed to deliver the results on time.

Works of data center in Viborg on July 12, 2017 | Photo: TV / Midt-Vest

The case, of course, brings a huge pineapple to Apple: the data center it is already partially raised, which represents a headache much greater than in the Irish case, where the project was canceled before any hammer was hit on the ground. Naturally, Apple is expected to reverse the situation with another contractor, but the problem may not be resolved so easily – after all, we are talking about millionaire contracts and (possibly) very thorny lawsuits in the event of their failure .

The fact is that, at least for now, Apple’s plans to have its own data center in Denmark to power services like iCloud, iTunes and the App Store are hanging.

via Apple World Today