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Apple cuts HomePod price to $ 300

In a somewhat atypical and unexpected attitude, Apple today reduced the official price of HomePod $ 350 for $ 300, in the United States. This is a 14% cut.

Ma's smart speaker has already been marketed for that price (and even less at $ 280) in some retail chains on a promotional basis, but this time the new official and definitive value.

The reduction may be an Apple business strategy to leverage HomePod sales, or it can, of course, indicate the future arrival of a new version of the product, or perhaps even a new member of its line.

HomePod remains a product of very limited scope. It is currently marketed in ten countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, United States, Hong Kong, France, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The price reduction that occurred today, by the way, applies to all of them.

Recent research has indicated that HomePod to date has captured only 6% of the US market for smart speakers.

via 9to5Mac