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Apple criticizes Android again in its presentations

Once again Apple uses Android to justify the use of iOS. At WWDC, Apple's annual developer event, where the company took the opportunity to launch the new iOS 6.0, it used an infographic downplaying Android for its segmentation among users.

It compares the share of the latest version of your OS with the share of ICS. As an argument, she points out that 80% of the devices at the late Jobs' company have OS 5.0 (the latest release of the brand), while Ice Cream Sandwich has only 7% among Android devices, characterizing Android as dairy. It also shows that ICS lags behind Android 2.2, one of the most widely used in the world.

Here comes the question: What does Apple have to do with it? But it does not claim that Android caters from the most demanding user (the one who wants a full-featured, high-end device) to the user who wants a simpler smartphone, just to access social networks and basic things.

IOS was born as an OS over 4 years ago and can update without crashing. Either it has not evolved as they say, to the point of running on such old hardware, or iPhone has hardware so similar to its predecessors (so much so that iOS undergoes updates as it will run on any hardware).

It is strange that Apple uses its competitor to argue its qualities. It even looks like she's scared of something. What does Apple fear, huh ?!

Ah, who made the presentation and the critic was Apple Vice President Scott Forstall.