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Apple could use iMessage as a basis for money transfers between people

This week we said that Apple would be developing a payment service between people to complement the current Apple Pay. Because the site Quartz revealed more information about this possible new venture by Ma.

According to them, Apple is looking to partner with banks for a simple matter: to avoid the bureaucracy (licenses, regulatory bodies and everything else) that involves dealing with monetary transfers, focusing almost exclusively on the consumer's experience.

And one of the possibilities of making this transfer of money between people, according to insiders on the subject, would be to use the iMessage. Yes, the idea would be to transfer money through messages, something that is already widely used in Asia, for example.

Taking into account the popularity of iMessage among young people (according to a survey carried out by messenger Jott with 1,300 young Americans, 60% of them chose the native Messages app as the preferred one), it would not be surprising to see this new service being implemented in this way.