Apple pode transformar iPhones em chaves de carros na próxima atualização

Apple could turn iPhones into car keys in the next update

Wireless technologies are increasingly developed and apparently Apple decided to invest in this market. The 9to5mac website found evidence that the iOS 13.4, next update of the operating system of iPhones, will allow cars to be opened and started using the function CarKey, via NFC.

According to the information found in the code by 9to5mac, cars with NFC will be able to be controlled by the iPhone, both for opening and closing, and for starting. Something more curious than the user's cell phone does not even need to be unlocked, and also works even if the battery is discharged.

Another information found on the function is the possibility of giving access for other people, all via applications. If the car user wants to allow someone to drive their car, just send an invitation via the app Wallet. Thus, the person can also control the car, as if he had the key.

In addition to having to be only from iPhone to iPhone, or to Apple Watch, since the service will be exclusive to Apple's own operating system, other checks are also necessary. Since these are objects that need extra security, the car system must also be paired to receive some stranger.


New version includes iCloud Folder Sharing, updated toolbar for the application …

After the security system has been applied, just bring the iPhone close to the NFC reader. A CarKey will be displayed in the Wallet app, giving permission to unlock the car. After that process, You can also add the virtual key to your Apple Watch.

Once CarKey is configured, it is no longer necessary to use conventional keys. The car doors can be opened with the technology, just as starting can be done using only the NFC.

There are already other apps that allow the smartphone to be used as the car key. If the function is confirmed, Apple will make the system integrated, allowing it to be done also by watch, simplifying day-to-day tasks.

The function has not yet been confirmed by Apple, was an independent discovery. The novelty should start to work as soon as the first updates of the operating system start to be released.

Via: Engadget Source: 9to5mac. [TagsToTranslate] apple