Apple contradicts claims by graphics chip maker Imagination Technologies [atualizado]

The soap opera starring Apple and by the graphics chip maker Imagination Technologies received another chapter today from Ma revelations made to the Bloomberg; What looked like a villain's blow has now taken on new meanings.

If you didn't keep up with the latest chapters, here's a summary: In April, the tech world was alarmed when Apple announced that within two years, it would no longer use Imagination graphics chips to power its own. iGadgets, but their own. As a result, the manufacturer's shares were 70% instantly. Pretending to be "poor thing," she went into a "dispute settlement process" against Apple and, after a while, announced that it was for sale.

What seemed like an evil and abrupt move from Apple, in fact, was not. Ma told Bloomberg The manufacturer was already aware that it would no longer use its products since the end of 2015, that is almost two years ago. Even last year, Apple included in the contract between the two companies a clause allowing it to pay less for using a smaller portion of the intellectual property of the manufacturer. For all these signs, Ma considered the manufacturer's statements "disappointing, inaccurate and misleading."

We started working with Imagination in 2007 and no longer accept new intellectual property from them in 2015. After long discussions, we said on February 9 that we expected to settle our licensing agreement because we needed unique and differentiated intellectual property for our products. . We value our past relationship and want to give them advance notice as early as possible for them to adapt their future plans.

Ma's statements run counter to it by Imagination CEO Andrew Heath, who said they were only warned at the end of March this year, saying they were “sure” that they would not use their chips in the 2018 and 2019 products. After today's statement from Apple and even before a possible new response from Imagination, Apple's shares were down a little, around 8%.

Apple's version is much more in keeping with Apple's attitude that it would probably only discard a manufacturer's graphics chips if the chips themselves were already under development. After all, they could hardly risk taking such a step if everything was not right, cringed.

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Update 07/10/2017 10:05 AM

Another chapter of this story appeared last Saturday (8/7), reported by The Telegraph. According to the website, Apple reportedly rented an office of about 2,000m in St. Albans, England, a location very, very close to Imagination Technologies. And, as the story goes, this new office will be used by Ma to develop its own graphic technology.

This may be all a big coincidence, or more likely Apple would be keeping an eye on Imagination employees in order to offer a good job offer without having to travel to London or (even worse) to Cupertino.

Friends, I think Imagination poked a wasp when it came into dispute with Apple.

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