Apple continues to reign alone in the tablet market, but competition is strengthening

Apple may have lost leadership in the smartphone world a long time ago, but not in the tabletsAs we well know, the story is quite different than expected, considering that Google has already thrown in the towel of trying to equate Android with iOS on big screen devices.

Now, a new survey of the International Data Corporation comes to translate this leadership into numbers.

IDC: tablet sales during 2017

Taking into account the entire year of 2017, the Apple was the unbeatable leader in the segment, with 43.8 million iPads shipped increased by 3% compared to 2016, when that number stood at 42.6 million. THE Samsung (24.9 million number of tablets shipped in 2017) and Amazon (16.7 million), second and third places respectively, failed to outperform Ma, not even with their combined sales, but Jeff Bezos' giant is growing in an interesting way: it jumped 38% in sales compared to 2016 and has usurped second place in the market. South Korean in the last quarter of the year.

About Ma, IDC commented:

Apple maintained a solid leadership in the Christmas quarter, achieving growth both with its new and cheaper 9.7-inch iPad and the new line of iPad Pro. While the cheaper iPad continues to stimulate a cycle of upgrades by consumers , the focus is increasingly on the iPad Pro and its potential in the commerce and education markets. As these are the only segments where tablet growth is expected, the launch of the program “Apple at Work” shows Apple's dedication to maintaining its leadership position.

The firm also says that the moment for detachable tablets, with keyboards or add-ons that make them substitutes for computers like the iPad Pro or Surface Pro; the absence of Microsoft in the ranking, moreover, it is explained by the delay of the new Surface, which made the current models stay on the shelves while consumers wait for news. Traditional tablets, such as the 9.7 ″ iPad, show a certain stagnation in the market, indicating a growing lack of interest in them by consumers.

Now, with rumors of new iPads reaching the end of the year, the game continues. Will Apple continue to reign alone in the segment or does it have to worry about competition (especially Amazon)?

via Cult of Mac