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Apple continues to lead the wearables market – with a good advantage

A year ago, we covered Apple's rapid growth in the wearable device market and the first time Ma was the industry leader. Now, just over 365 days later, Tim Cook (or Tim Apple) and his class can breathe easy: According to IDC data, the Cupertino giant has retained first place in the clothing market throughout the year and is nearly numbered. more than two times higher than second place.

Apparel Market IDC, Q4 2018

According to the research firm, Apple shipped 16.2 million wearable devices in the fourth quarter of 2018, 10.4 million being Apple Watch units, while the remainder can be attributed to Beats AirPods and headsets. .

According to IDC, the Apple Watch Series 4 had a very strong start to sales and is expected to grow further in the coming quarters as its features (such as the ECG) are being activated in more territories and more US medical organizations adopt the Sade platform, from Ma.

Compared to 13.3 million wearable device units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2017, Apple saw its annual growth stand at 21.5%. A good rate, but lower than its main competitors: Second-placed Xiaomi grew 43.3%, while Huawei (3) jumped 248.5% in sales over the year. Samsung also posted good growth and nearly doubled sales in the period.

Anyway, Apple is isolated in the first place on the market: Xiaomi shipped 7.5 million units in the fourth period of 2018, less than half of the devices sold by Ma.

Considering that the clothing segment as a whole grew 31.4% over 2018, the favorable horizon for all manufacturers: in the coming year, those who present the best news will enjoy more out of the growing interest of consumers in this area. device type. Does Apple have a bullet in the needle?

via 9to5Mac