Apple continues testing a mysterious product of similar size to Apple TV

O mystery around a supposed new Apple product that is similar in shape to Apple TV, but with power capabilities and even slightly different connections, it continues.

Before I start selling any kind of electronics in the United States, Apple needs to have Federal Communications Commission. Last September, Apple sent a new product to the FCC to evaluate and do some testing. This mysterious device is about the same size and hole (for screws) as the current Apple TV.

FCC testing covers Bluetooth and NFC no Wi-Fi testing, meaning that either Apple reuses a design already known to the commission or that the product does not have such connectivity. In addition to this possible difference in connectivity, while the fourth generation Apple TV works at 12V / 920mA, this mysterious product apparently requires somewhere between 5.5 / 13.2V and 100 / 700mA.

Such a device was identified as model A1844; A few weeks ago Apple sent a new model of it (A1846) for the FCC to test. The only difference was even due to the model and the SKU, which jumped from JR1 to JR2.

This week, the company sent another model of this mysterious device for the FCC to test. Interestingly, he identified as A1845which suggests to be an intermediate version to the others already sent for review.

Apple again requested that most documents (photos, user manuals, and schematics) related to the product remain confidential.

Are we facing three models of a possible new product? S time will tell

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official image

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Fourth generation Apple TV

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Color: blackDimensions: 35x98x98mm (height x width x thickness)Resolution: Full HD (1080p)Connectivity: HDMI and BluetoothStorage: 32GB or 64GB


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