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Apple consumers fight against Qualcomm's proposed iPhone ban

The great novel that the judicial fight between Apple and Qualcomm won another chapter this time related to one that the technology company filed against Ma almost a year ago. To recall: In this action, Qualcomm requested ITC (U.S. International Trade Commission) prohibiting the importation of iPhones and iPads that were equipped with chips from other suppliers (read Intel).

Earlier this month, Judge Thomas Pender (in a pre-trial report) suggested that Apple infringed a patent in question, giving the green light that iPhones imported from Intel could be banned from the US in the not too distant future. Apple responded by seeking the cancellation of Qualcomm's patents.

In the midst of this mess, an Apple consumer group has now filed an application with ITC, claiming that Qualcomm was using its patents and market power to block competing companies, specifically for Apple devices, according to Bloomberg.

According to one consumer, the ban on imports of gadgets Intel's chips equipped with Intel chips make it even more difficult to combat the San Diego company's illegal monopoly and “would hurt competition in a market already suffering from Qualcomm's anti-competitive behavior. O FOSS Patents published the full document, which you can check below:

Qualcomm denies having a monopoly and said it is entitled to compensation for the billions spent on developing state-of-the-art parts. Apple also accused Apple of refusing to pay a fair price for these products and said in a statement made last Wednesday that the Cupertino giant is ignoring a court order to deliver information necessary for the process.

The final ruling on banning non-Qualcomm chip iPhones in the US was set for September this year. However, with the new episode, the battle between the two companies should extend a little further.

via 9to5Mac